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Chelsea Flower Show 2017 Plant of the Year 2017 – Mulberry ‘Charlotte Russe’ (Matsunaga)

It made me smile to see the Chelsea Plant of the Year 2017 Mulberry Charlotte Russe. Growing up in South Africa, silk worms whose diet is based on Mulberry leaves was a huge part of our childhood. We all knew where the best Mulberry trees where in the neighbourhood, not only for their tasty fruit, but to keep our silk worms well-fed to reap silk spun on shaped pieces of paper. Heart shaped silks were all the rage for us.

Not ever having the space to grow a Mulberry tree in the UK, this dwarf variety is on order.I can’t wait for my children to taste the fruit that they love eating when visiting family in South Africa.

This is a perfect patio plant and self-pollinates bearing fruit in 1 year, as opposed to the mulberry tree which takes around 8 years to mature and bear fruit.

Mulberry ‘Charlotte Russe’ is being sold by Suttons, I have not made it to the Chelsea Flower Show this year, but am upholding my tradition and I have ordered my  Mulberry ‘Charlotte Russe’. It will sit along side last years winner Clematis koreana AMBER (‘Wit141205’) and 2015 winner Kilimanjaro Sunrise. I only buy what I like and will skip years if the colour scheme or style of the plant doesn’t suit my garden.

Buy your Mulberry Charlotte Russe from Sutton

If you are based abroad or can’t get to the show you can spend hours on the RHS’s website and see the gardens in details.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 Plant of the Year

I’m hoping my mulberry plant will bear lots of fruit and I’ll share the photos with you when it does.

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