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Aubergine, Pesto & Feta Stacks

This is a delicious ‘what to do with’ a few tablespoons of leftover pesto and a little feta.

I love aubergine and while I was roasting chicken breasts, I do practice what I preach and in my last week blog post of Roast Ahead Vegetable Ideas & Recipes, I decided to use the 1/2 aubergine I had in the fridge, a few tablespoons of red pesto and the 1/2 block of feta.

To the red pesto I added a few teaspoons of water, to make it easier to spread on the aubergine and I used the 1/2 block of feta I had. Slicing the aubergine into thin rounds I layered all the ingredients and my Baked Aubergine with Pesto & Feta Stacks were born.

They were easy to assemble, on a baking tray with a greased piece of foil on the base, I added a slice of the aubergine and spread the top with the diluted red pesto.  I crumbled feta on top of the pesto and slightly pressing down the next slice of aubergine on top of the feta, so it makes a stable base for the next set of ingredients. I repeated this with two further slices of aubergine, ending with the crumbled feta.

The Baked Aubergine with Pesto & Feta Stacks were baked in a medium oven until golden brown, it took about 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celcius.

They were delicious served with roasted chicken breasts and a Greek salad.  Equally they would be tasty served with a selection of salads for vegetarians. They could easily form part of a dinner party menu served with lamb, beef, fish or chicken. I would also add them to a meze supper with bowls of houmous, tarama, tzanzki, pita bread and olives.

For vegans you could make and layer the stacks with silken tofu or grated vegan cheese and vegan pesto.

I hope next time you are looking at a few ingredients in your fridge, you will make yourself a stack of Baked Aubergine with Pesto & Feta or use what vegetables you have to create and bake your own stack.

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