GCSE Choices

GCSE Selection


Yesterday we received my son’s grid to choose his GCSE options. I am a pop everything into an Excel spreadsheet type of a Mom (I am no Excel whizz, but it gives you the option to see things clearly and copy and paste various permutations at the click of a button).

The fact that I retyped the grid infuriated my son, he didn’t see the need to reproduce something he had in his hands. However, he came to see the benefits when we talked through the options on my screen and he highlighted subjects in multiple grids with ease.  By highlighting the subject that he was considering, he could see where the subjects clashed and where combinations he wanted would work.

The next step for us is to go along to a school meeting. There we will meet the subject teachers and discuss the syllabus. The joy of my 20 minute chat and grid making session, means that we have also produced a list of GCSE subjects that we can make a bee line for and subjects that we will avoid as my son has no interest in them.

Some schools will have a taster GCSE day, where the child can try subjects that they haven’t had exposure too; if your child has that option, ask them to use it to branch out and try something new.

Don’t be afraid to ask the school to help if you are unsure of anything, they too are in tune with your child’s capabilities and they will want them to achieve as much as you do.

I hope this helps you through the next chapter of your child’s scholastic life; childhood is a short season, so embrace the next stage and have fun navigating the selection process.

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