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Woven by Adam Smith at Coworth Park

To taste Michelin-starred food is an experience that stays with you for life. The care and attention that goes into the dishes are exceptional. I recently dined with my friend and ex-Bloomberg Food Critic, Richard Vines, at Woven by Adam Smith in Coworth Park. I was Richard’s plus one, and what a day it was, not only to spend one-on-one time with Rich, who is a wonderful company (I planted another seed for him to write a book!) but also to be in such a beautiful setting and taste beautiful dishes in a calm setting.

The restaurant is set within Coworth Park, a 5* country house hotel nested between Ascot and Sunningdale, and it sits within a family of well-known hotels, namely:

Woven is a tapestry of everything Adam loves and is connected to from all the chapters of his life. The food presentation is visually flawless and the care and attention to detail is exceptional. I loved all the crockery that the dishes were served on, and the bespoke bread knife that comes out of your wooden plate deserves a mention, as does the glassware. Well, actually, the craftsmanship of everything is exceptional!

The 5* hotel has Adam’s restaurant, Woven; The Barn, which is an impressive building set away from the main hotel, overlooks the rolling grounds. The restaurant attached to the Spa called The Spatisserie is described as ‘Not just kale and air’, I love that!

The Barn terrace daytime exterior

Photo credit: The Barn Coworth Park 

You enter Coworth Park through an understated entrance following a meandering drive. I almost missed the entrance, cue a very swift, sharp right-hand turn into the grounds. Sorry, Rich! The hotel sits within 240 acres of manicured lawns, equestrian trails, The Guards Polo Academy and an edible garden that chef Adam Smith and the team use in their restaurants. There are beautiful bronze sculptures by Carol Peace dotted around the hotel and within the grounds, they are captivating and stop you in your tracks to pause and contemplate. Driving through the grounds on your left, you will see the Spa with floor-to-ceiling glass and the main hotel is further up the drive on the right.

The beauty of the main hotel is viewed from the grounds, and if you enjoy history, click here. The estate has a fascinating and far-reaching tale to tell.

Meadow in Coworth Park Hotel Ascot

Photo credit Coworth Park

Photo credit: The Spa Coworth Park 

We parked in the car park just to the left of the front door, passing a few cordoned-off supercars. My favourite was there, the AMG GT S Mercedes, as was the Lamborghini Urus, but the majority were everyday runners. I digress. After food, I love cars! If you need to park in one of the distant car parks or if you wish to cover ground faster than your legs can carry you, there are golf carts to ferry you around.

Upon entering the hotel, the ceilings are high and the space is cosy yet open, with views over the terrace. We were early and headed out to the terrace for a drink. The day was kind to us. There are outdoor heaters should you need them, and a lounge indoors if you arrive before the restaurant opens at 12:30.

Richard sipped champagne. They serve Veuve Clicquot and a great selection of non-alcoholic mocktails. I had their Hibiscus Mimosa, a blend of elderflower cordial, hibiscus syrup, lemon juice, and grapefruit juice topped with soda water and garnished with star anise. This would make a wonderful festive season drink. I was transporting precious cargo (Ricard to and from Ascot station), so I always abstain from alcohol if I am driving and this mocktail was a treat.

The staff were warm and accommodating, and Rich and I chatted about mutual friends and recent books read. Excellent Women by Barbara Pym was recommended by Richard on Twitter. It was a wonderful read and I’m keeping it up my sleeve for when I next have to choose a book club book.

We went through to the dining room, passing the impressive wine cellar and cheese room, and a lone chef was plating the amuse bouche on one of the counters. His meticulous work you will be seen later. The interior has a warm yet understated colour palette and a very thick, soft pile carpet that makes you feel like you are walking on air. Richard remarked on the lighting, which punctuates and elevates the room.

Woven by Adam Smith dining room with sunlight shining through

Photo Credit Coworth Park The Dining Woven by Adam Smith  

Seasonal chestnuts were used as table decorations. They were very clever, sustainable, and can be easily adapted and added to your home’s autumnal table.  I will, however, not be attempting to shave any chestnut husks myself!

Adam came through the Ritz Hotel’s kitchen and won the Roux scholarship he leads an impressive 55 chefs at Coworth Park. He is very happy that he can be a hands-on Executive Chef and not one in his office clearing paperwork all day.

The ship is a happy one, from the photo I took of the team below you can see they are professional and enjoy what they are doing. They are knowledgeable and there when you needed them. Apologise to the team members that I didn’t get photos of Sandro who kept the wine flowing and matched them to the many courses we enjoyed and all the other wonderful team members.

Now onto the menu:

In my opinion, it is excellent value for money. The menu costs £80 a head and £65 for the wine pairing. Usually, the portions at Michelin establishments are small, but this is not the case with Adam’s food. I have friends that work their way through the Michelin Guide, coming home and needing to make a sandwich! You will not be doing that after this meal. The menu is generous and I could almost not manage dessert, but Rich twisted my arm and I am glad he did, what a stunner it was! The feature photo showcases the restaurant’s attention to detail.

Click here to read the full menu 

Below are the dishes we ate; it really was quite a visual feast!

All photos are my own unless stated.

Above: Devilled Egg Pickled Rose & Goat’s Cheese


Crab                                                                              Photo Credit Richard Vines – Cotswold White Chicken

Hen of the Woods was a delicious dish and something to consider if you are catering for vegetarians or vegans.

Woven by Adam Smith Scallop and Caviar    

Scallop                                                      Palate Cleansing Soup                  The Bread Basket and butter

Scallop Photo Credit Adam Smith  

Let’s talk about the bread basket. We had whipped beurre noisette butter, which is the one on the wooden plate back right. On the left, caramelised onions, lobster oil, and a pumpkin seed dip. This is such a wonderful idea to serve even as a course at home. For summer around the pool and in winter, sipping on a welcome drink and dipping and chatting before a meal. I loved this!

Seabass                                Coronation Chicken.                Wagyu Beef                      Crab


Salt Aged Yorkshire Duck Black Garlic, Quince                   Cornish Turbot Lobster, Salsify, Truffle


Treats                                        Signature Chocolate Sea Salt, Crème Fraiche


The Cheese Room                                                                   The Cheese Course

This is not a sponsored advert. It is just my way of saying thank you to Rich, Adam and the Coworth Park team for making a wonderful memory for me and for you all to have a virtual escape and see the amazing food that they serve. I hope that one day you may walk through their doors or one of their beautiful sister hotels, and you will not be disappointed.

Isn’t tasting food that has been prepared with love, attention to detail, and phenomenal skill a gift and a wonderful memory for life? With the upcoming festive season, why not consider supporting your favourite hotel or restaurant and treating your loved one to a meal or drink as a gift that they will enjoy and remember for life?

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