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A Welcome Drink Idea

A welcome drink is an event organiser’s tip that you can bring into your home. The idea is as everyone arrives they have a drink in their hands and they can get chatting and mingling. This stops everyone gathering around the bar and creates a more relaxed event, from the start.

I use this technique for my usual catering too, be it a lunch for 4 or a party for many. I have a bottle or jug of something chilled, a cocktail mixed or in winter the kettle boiled. My favourite summer welcome drink is a glass of Pimms. In winter a mulled wine or the offer of a hot tea or coffee is always appreciated, as it warms hands and innards.

Everyone comments on the taste of my Pimm’s. My trick is to allow the mint, cucumber and strawberries (I don’t use orange slices, but you can) to sit in fridge with the Pimms for an hour or so before you are expecting to top your jug up with lemonade. The flavour of the fruit seeps into the Pimms and the end result is delicious.

I hope you enjoy this idea and here’s to a fabulous summer or heart warming winter.