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Easter Ideas – Using Hot Cross Buns & Store Cupboard Ingredients

Looking for quick and easy Easter ideas that use just a packet of hot cross buns?

Hot Cross Buns with a selection of homemade butters and spreads can make this Easter a little more exciting.

If you are curious this years  Best Hot Cross Buns of 2021 line up conducted by BBC Good Food can be found here.

Firstly a toasted hot cross bun with butter is great, however, an addition from your store cupboard could make them exciting.  This is be a lovely picnic item to take and enjoy, low effort with maximum reward.

Try Passionfruit / Orange / Lemon Curd Butter/Cream

Ready-made curd used as a spread instead of butter and if you are feeling decadent and it is Easter after all, although this year definitely is different one.

Adding just a few tablespoons of either curd to whipped cream or mascarpone cheese and enjoy your decadently topped Hot Cross Bun.

Maple Syrup Butter 

This would be an easy Easter morning breakfast idea. Maple syrup goes well with the spices in the Hot Cross Bun and mixed with butter it is double decadence. You have the deliciousness of melting butter, infused with the distinct sweetness of maple flavoured butter seeping into your hot cross bun. Both adults and children will love the flavours and it is a great way to have breakfast ready before you head out into the garden for your Easter Egg Hunt. The butter can be made days before needed and stored in the fridge.

The ratio is equal amounts of maple syrup to butter mixed together. You don’t have to go crazy you can make 1 tablespoon for each person in the family and a couple of extra tablespoons for those that would like seconds. If you can’t get maple syrup you can use Golden Syrup.

Salted Caramel Butter

A quick and easy treat is spread golden syrup over the hot cross bun and sprinkle a little salt over the top.

I use this for ice cream too it is addictive.

Honey Hot Cross Bun Butter

The flavours of Hot Cross Buns go so well with honey, add in little cinnamon and a little mixed spice to butter or just the honey on its own and you have a wonderful spread.

Dessert Ideas for Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding

Use Hot Cross Buns inside your favourite bread in your favourite butter pudding recipe. Especially if you haven’t eaten and they are a little stale. Allow the hot cross buns to soak into the custard mixture for a couple of hours if they are slightly stale and an hour for fresher hot cross buns.

Hot Cross Bun Crumbs for Easter Chicken Goujons

I have made Hot Cross Bun crumbs, I torn chunks from 3 Hot Cross Buns and added them to a food processed, processed them into small chunks. Dried them in a 200 dregree oven for about 20 minutes, watching and smelling that they don’t burn. they smell when you open the oven is spicy and Eastery. Once the crumbs have dried and cooled, blended them again to fine crumbs. Store in a air tight jar. I crumbed chicken fillets and my children who aren’t hot cross bun fans really enjoyed the Easter Chicken goujons.

Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream Sprinkle

Hot Cross Bun Crumbs  (see above) sprinkled over my homemade Caramel Ice Cream.

The crumbs are not sweet and will add a crunch to the smooth ice cream, just before serving add a sprinkle of cinnamon over the scoop of ice cream.

Hot Cross Bun Cheesecake

The crumbs can be used as the base of the cheesecake mixed with butter and a little sugar and cinnamon. Or you can make my No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake and have the crumbs as a topping for the cheesecake.

Happy Easter and have a wonderful celebration.

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