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Privacy Policy

As from the 25th May 2018 the law is changing and companies cannot use your data in a way that you have not consented to. Everything has to be on an opt in basis.

www.marissa.co is one step ahead, you have always had to opt in to receive my emails.

I would like to assure you of the following:

1) In order to give you total peace of mind whilst you are reading and referring to the Recipes and Ideas on the site, I have purchased a SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer Certificate) which makes our connection secure and encrypted. So when you log onto the site you will see a padlock in the address bar.

2) I will only communicate with you if you have subscribed to my mailing list, which is managed via the MailMunch Plugin for WordPress.

3) Only your email address is stored, no other personal details are held, not even your name, which is in line with the recommendations set by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).

4) I will never sell or share your email address with any third parties and I will only use your email address to send communications about www.marissa.co.

5) I do use Google Analytics to see in which countries my site is being viewed, which pages are being read most and the age of the readers. I only see this a collective data, no personal data can be seen.

6) Please do remember that when you navigate off www.marissa.co following any external links, you then fall under that companies privacy policy.

I hope I have reassured you that all steps have been taken to protect your privacy, if you have any questions about the Privacy Policy or if you wish to unsubscribe from my email list at any time please email me at info@marissa.co.