Homemade Fruit Flavoured Water Ideas

8 Homemade Fruit Flavoured Water Ideas

Fruit Flavoured Water is easy to make and a healthy way to increase your water intake.

Chopped seasonal fruit floats freely in a water-filled glass, infusing your Fruit Flavoured Water. This will make you reach for a glass of healthy fruit-infused water more often than you would ordinarily.


I like to have a jug of water on the table when I host guests and this fruit-infused water is your ticket to so many compliments. Your guests really feel spoilt when they see homemade fruit- infused water on the table.

Fruit-filled jugs are beautiful, thirst quenching and a great talking point. They make your guest feel like you have gone to a lot of effort, but the reality is these fruit-filled jugs of water are easy to make ahead.

The idea is simple, add seasonal fruit to a glass jug and top up with filtered water. The ratio is 1/4 fruit to 3/4 of water.

Cut the fruit into big pieces, for example: 1/2 for a strawberry sized fruit, 1/4 for kiwis sized fruit and 1/6 for small apple sized fruit.

Always use good quality fresh fruit and fresh herbs. If your fruit is slightly bruised add it to a smoothie, not to your Fruit Flavoured Water.

The trick is to tailor the Fruit Flavoured Water to what is seasonal.

My favourite fruit flavoured waters combinations are:

Cleansing Flavoured Water: Cucumber, mint and optional sliced lemons

Pimms Fruit Flavoured Water: Cucumber, strawberry orange slices and mint

Mojito Fruit Flavoured Water: Sliced lime and mint

Summer Days Fruit Flavoured Water: strawberries, cucumber and mint

Simply Summer Fruit Flavoured Water: Raspberries and sliced oranges

Flavours of the Orient Water: A bashed stem of lemon grass and sliced fresh ginger

Pina Colada Water: Chunks of pineapple and cubes of coconut

Apple Pie Water: Sliced apples and a stick of cinnamon

This is also a simple way to entice you or your family to drink more water in the day. Make yourselves a jug of fruit flavoured water in the morning and pop it into the fridge. The jug acts as a visual cue to keep an eye on your actual water intake.

What fruit will you add to your water?

For a recent book club at mine I had a cleansing jug of cucumber and mint water which apparently has more electrolytes than coconut water.

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