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I subscribe to the Borough Market Newsletter which is a great read to keep abreast of trends and featured producers. This month I was drawn to an article on From Field and Flower’s Raw Swedish Honey known as ‘Parlehonung’ Pearl Honey. It is produced by Viktoria Bassani a Slow Food Producer in Sweden. Viktoria collects the honey from bees that roam apple, cherry, plum and pear trees and the first wild flowers of the season. The honey is whipped, giving it a lovely smooth and luxurious texture. We all have that nasty throat virus, so a spoon of raw honey would help.

I met Sam, who started From Field to Flower with her partner Stefano. Sam took me through her Honey Bar, we weighed up health benefits of the various honeys and I went with what I had never tasted before, balanced with our health needs.

I tasted and bought three very different varieties:

The Raw Swedish Honey ‘Parlehonung’ Creamed Wildflower Honey, that I had read about and this was like eating a creamy toffee, with a slight floral hint. All I could think about was how delicious this would be, drizzled over a warmly toasted crumpet.

The Raw Italian Honeydew ‘Melata’ Honey, this was like treacle or a light homemade caramel with a wonderful depth of flavour, brilliant to boost the immune system and sooth sore throats. Sam said she had basted a pork belly with this honey and it was delicious, definitely going to try that.

Then a jar of little yellow dots caught my eye, I have never seen Pollen before. Sam explained the health benefits and that it was great added to a smoothie. When I got it home and tasted it, it reminded me of the Mastiha chewing gum that you get in Greece and Cyprus (also known as Arabic Gum), it is made from the resin of the mastic tree. The pollen definitely had a floral taste but the resin flavour came in at the end. I love finding obscure ingredients, so that box was definitely ticked.

It was lovely to meet Sam she is very knowledgeable and next time I hope to have more time to taste her honeys and talk about the flours that she brings in. That day I was on my way to 20 Grosvenor Street KPMG Private Members Club for lunch with a friend, but I can’t wait to go back and taste my way through the honeys of the world.

Idea: Whenever you see a recipe calling for golden syrup substitute it for honey.

Have a sweet start to the weekend.

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