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Chinese New Year Symbolic Meaning of the Food Served

The Chinese culture is steeped in symbolism and New Year is no different. A wide range of dishes are made and served, each symbolising what the hopes are for the New Year.
My friend explained which foods are eaten on New Year’s and why:
Dumplings and spring rolls are served for wealth
Noodles for happiness and longevity (extra long noodles are cooked, you would never cut noodles in half for your new year’s meal, as it would symbolically mean you are cutting the happiness and longevity in the year)
Sweet rice balls (Tangyuan) – to symbol family togetherness.
Steamed New Year Cake Glutinous rice cake (Nian gao)
– higher income or status
Tangerines and oranges – fullness and wealth
Fish – an increase in prosperity
Fried Flour-Coated Peanuts – Vitality and Longevity
Rice Dumplings – Family Togetherness
Eight-Treasure Rice Pudding – Good Luck
Fried Dough Twists – Reunion
I hope you choose to have a Chinese style meal tonight, it makes for a memorable meal and to all celebrating Happy Happy New Year.
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