Christmas All Wrapped Up

There have been many a year when I am still tripping over Christmas wrapping in May. I have tried the add it to the Christmas Tree box or pop it into the cupboard and use it next year but for all their own reasons they have failed to deliver, too crumpled, can’t find it, don’t like the paper design the next year or so buried in the back of the cupboard I forget it is even there!

Here are a few of my Wrapping Ideas that may help negate the above:

I traditionally wrap some gifts with beautiful paper, but paper that isn’t strictly Christmas paper, so any left overs can be used in the year.

Think along the lines of plain silver, gold, green or red paper and add a Christmas coloured plain ribbon that can be used next year. Green paper with a red bow, I love white and silver they are gender neutral and can morph into wrapping a 50th Birthday present or an 18th quite easily. This way any left over paper or ribbon can be used for any occasion that arises in the year.

Cellophane, Tissue and Ribbon

Pop host gifts into cellophane, I buy mine from my local florist, they stock some lovely and usual prints or you can order it online. You can add a layer of colour or hide the contents with tissue paper and a lovely Christmas coloured bow as above. Cellophane, silver tissue paper and a white bow is my favourite.


I buy inexpensive crackers remove the contents and add the gift to the inside of the cracker, the person receives a fun cracker to pull and a personalised gift they will love. Earrings, nail polish, Swiss Army knives, their favourite sweets or chocolates or mini tools for men. You can make your own crackers for larger gifts.

Gift Bags

I also love Christmas gift bags, you add your gift, pop tissue paper onto the top and you can elegantly walk in and hand over a gift. If you are at a public venue or a place that has required you to use public transport it works well.

Wrap Ahead

If you have space you can wrap as you go, when you have bought the gift wrap it, write the tag, pop the ribbon on. Doing the gifts this way really takes the pressure off on Christmas Eve.

A few down sides is space – if you don’t have space the presents look awful as the paper gets crumbled with one stacked onto the other.

The labels fall off and you don’t know what’s inside. I use two containers or huge bags labeled and as I wrap I pop them into the child’s box or bag. It makes the distribution easier on Christmas Eve or if you seeing friends and family have the bags labelled up with their gifts inside. On the day of the gathering I guarantee you you will feel smug. There will be no last minute wrapping mayhem, all you will have to do is pick up the bag and leave the house.

I hope you have Christmas all wrapped up soon and enjoy the joy of giving. I love this quote from Mother Teresa: ‘It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving’.

Merry Christmas