Caramel Tarts

Father’s Day Easy Dessert Recipes

Dessert can divide, some will trade it for cheese and biscuits (me) and others like an ex boss in the City loved dessert so much that when we went out for a ‘Thank you for working so hard after a huge migration project ended dinner’, all my sweet toothed colleagues ordered a dessert for starters, then they ordered a main course and then dessert again!

My trick is if you serve a ordinary but tasty easy meal and then a memorable dessert the whole meal rides on its virtues and the dinner was all classed as amazing.

For a fun and light fruit dessert for diabetics, vegans, vegetarians, coeliacs this simple Watermelon Pizza is a crowd pleaser.

Although I am not sweet toothed I can’t resist anything with caramel in it and these caramel tarts are outstandingly delicious. I have made them in individual tart cases and in a flan dish, everyone loves it.

For a cold day in the Southern Hemisphere this would be the dessert to make. It can be made ahead and is light, spongy and the sauce is the best you taste.

Chocolate is a universal dessert language and usually a winner for everyone at the table. My favourite chocolate desserts are:

A make ahead Custard dessert in summer is light and is a good option to end a heavier meal. This Afghan Eggless Vegan Custard is delicious and a wonderful talking point. Vegan and Vegetarians will love this.

This Cheesecake recipe is simple but don’t let that fool you the taste and permutations to make it into the audience’s favourite cheesecake at the table is so easy. For a large gathering I have different toppings on a tray and everyone can enjoy their own bespoke cheesecake, from Oreo to Passionfruit and even Pimms.

I hope you find a recipe you are keen to make and try this weekend. logo