Father’s Day Main Course

Father’s Day Main Course Recipes

Father’s Day Main Course Recipes

I love the saying that Mums are the sea in a child’s life and Dads are the waves. They create and push boundaries whilst Mums are always there, keeping things going. Obviously this is a massive generalisation, I have a lot of readers that the Mums are the adrenaline junkies, but in my case it’s true. With me, my children went on the age-appropriate slide, jungle gyms and when my husband took them to the park my toddlers would be in the teen section and so my wave analogy was drawn.

If you are lucky enough to be able to cater for your dad this weekend, I have a delicious recipe to make for him on Father’s Day whatever his favourite meal is.

A recipe for the Gin Loving Pescatarian Dad

This is a really lovely combination for lovers of gin, beetroot and salmon. The sauce is subtle the chutney is made in minutes and the whole meal is memorable and delicious.

Baked Salmon with Beetroot, Gin and Yogurt Sauce and a Quick Beetroot Gin Chutney

The Meat Loving Sports Loving Day

Sometimes you have an activity planned and you want to have something waiting that won’t spoil if your timings overrun. This is a delicious recipe to make for jus that kind of a day.

Slow Cooked Shoulder of Lamb

The Fun Loving, Casual Eating Vegetarian Dad

This burger is so delicious, I often serve this to meat lovers and there are no complaints. Although burgers are a less formal offering your Vegetarian Dad won’t be disappointed.


Vegan / Veggie Burger

Clean Living Sauce Loving Vegan Dad will love this Tagine (as would Meat Loving, Pescatarian and Vegetarian Dad). It is a great dish if you are having a lot of different eaters around the table. By adding and omitting ingredients you are catering for gluten and lactose intolerant family too. I love adding butternut, sweet potatoes, courgettes and aubergines, they soak up the flavour of the sauce beautifully.


Vegan Tagine Recipe

Whatever meal you choose to make for your Dad he will enjoy it and most of all he will appreciate the time, thought and effort you have put in to make him feel extra special.

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