Good Luck Gift Ideas

A gift is always loved and one when you are facing a barrage of exams is even more appreciated.

My daughter came home from a GSCE exam today and her first day of study leave. Her school had given each student a ‘Good Luck for your exams’ pack, with a personalised Good Luck card & Revision Tips sheet.  What a clever, generous idea and one you could replicate for grandchildren, family or friends.

What to include in your pack or you could choose to gift a single item on the list:

  • A zip lock clear wallet needed in an exam as a pencil case
  • Basic exam stationary a multi-coloured pen, pencil, eraser and highlighter
  • Record Cards for making notes
  • Sticky Notes for marking books
  • A chocolate, roll of mints and jelly sweets for a sugar boast






Or you could choose to pop a little charm into a card.