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New Healthy Eating Tab

It’s #NationalHealthyEatingWeek and to make choosing healthier recipes easier for you, I have grouped my recipes under a new tab on the Recipes drop down menu, entitled Healthy Eating.

There are currently 40 Healthy Eating Recipes waiting for you to leisurely scroll through. I hope it will help on those ‘What To Cook’ days and provide healthy inspiration. There are a selection of quick and easy drinks, salads, midweek meals and cereal bars.

I urge you to try my pulse recipes, my family are not natural pulse eaters but they enjoy each and every recipe under the tab.

The meals are quick, easy, delicious and nutritious. Many of the recipes can be easily adapted for vegans and vegetarians, look at the notes section within the recipes for what can be added or omitted.

A small step to healthier eating is to cut a portion of meat from your weekly diet, coupling this with following through with the plan on a specific day of the week. A powerful reminder to eating healthier meals is to follow the #MeatFreeMonday movement. There is a sense of accomplishment when you start the week enjoying a Meat Free Monday Meal.

I hope you will enjoy the recipes I have under the new Healthy Eating tab. If you try any of the recipes drop me a line via email: marissa@marissa.co or leave a comment on:

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