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How to Grill a Whole Fillet of Beef

This is an effective, easy and delicious way to get a piece of meat cooked to perfection and can be prepared for your guests ahead of time. This method works best for a centre-cut fillet of beef.

What I did was this:

I seasoned the outside of the fillet with salt, pepper, and English powdered mustard and then a generous drizzle of olive oil.

With two hands I massaged the spices and rubbed the oil to coat the meat.

I always prefer to oil the meat rather than the pan, because it keeps the pan from smoking.

I heat the grill mine is a Le Creuset grill and I get it smoking hot.

I seared each side of the meat and rotated it only when the back sear lines on the underside of the meat were visible.

The beauty of cooking the meat this way is you can visibly see the meat changing colour as the heat rises.

Sear all sides, including the top and tail.

The centre of the meat needed to cook after it had been seared all the way around.  I added a few thyme branches for flavour under the meat while I was waiting for the internal temperature to reach 48 degrees Celcius, in the thickest part of the meat.

Once the temperature has been reached, wrap the meat in foil and allow it to rest for at least 3o minutes.

Then, slice as thick or thinly as you like and serve with your favourite sides and salads.

We enjoyed this with my Blue Cheese Salad Dressing, triple fried chips and a chopped salad. Steak and chips is one of my favourite meals.


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