Cake Tins

How to Make Cakes Quicker

I always say when God was handing out patience, I was too impatient to stand in the queue.

I am always looking to get things done quicker.

One solution to baking a cake quicker is to divide the batter into cupcakes, use two separate smaller tins or to bake it in a rectangular brownie tin, thinner and flatter means it will reduce the cooking time.

I know a tall cake looks better and for some occasions you need a lovely round or square cake, however, sometimes when you are under time pressure you need a quicker solution. Like the time when a child tells you there is a cake sale at school tomorrow, at 8pm. This is when changing the tin size, can be helpful and reduce your cooking time, by almost a third.

Remember to test the cake batter according to the method stated in the recipe. Check it more often when you have changed from the recommended cake tin size. Be brave the cake won’t sink if you check it quickly, always ensure that the cake has risen and the walls and top of the cake have formed a crust.

I hope you this will encourage you to bake your cakes in different tins and reduce your cooking time.

Happy Baking