Ideas For Using Filo Pastry

Filo Pastry or Phyllo Pasty  is something that you love to work with or are scared of and having grown up with a Mom and Gran (Yiayia) who loved making baklava, I love it. It isn’t as fussy as people make out, give it a try with one of my fuss free ideas below.

I had frozen some left over roasted lamb and I had a packet of Filo Pastry that I didn’t have time to make into baklava, so I made Lamb and Mint Filo Rolls and Nutella Baklava.

Quick Lamb & Mint Filo Rolls

I took one sheet of Filo Pastry and drizzled olive oil over the sheet and folded it in half. I topped the Filo Pastry with the chopped lamb and dolloped some mint sauce on top of the lamb.

Rolled and folded the Filo Pastry into a spring roll shape and sealed the end with some olive oil.

Baked in a 180 degree Celsius oven for 20 minutes or until the Filo is brown and crispy, they were delicious and so easy.

image image image






Nutella Baklava

I folded a sheet of Filo Pastry in half and this time I didn’t add any butter or oil, I took two tablespoons of Nutella and gently spread it in a line an inch away from the edge of the Filo Pastry, if you are not careful the Nutella will break the pastry. Then I gently rolled this into a spring roll shape and sealed the edge with water. I cut slanted lines through the top layer of the Filo Pastry but not all the way through or else the Nutella will ooze out. I baked them in a 180 degree Celsius oven for 10-15 minutes until the pastry had turned a light brown colour. It is strange as you would imagine that the Nutella would just ooze out, but it forms a solid yet crumbly mixture and is delicious. Once cooled I dusted them with icing sugar and packaged them in a cellophane bag with a ribbon, as one of my hostess gift for a friend hosting us for lunch. they were cut on demand (a small piece for the less sweet toothed and larger pieces for the Nutella lovers). They went down well with the adults and the children.

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Happy Filo Filling – show me what you have done on social media. or logo