International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness – Three ideas to make your feel happier

Today is #InternationalDayofHappiness and I have three ideas to help make you feel happier:


I’m sending you all a beaming smile, pass it on. Smiling is an amazing tonic it releases endorphins and improves your immune system by making more white blood cells. How amazing is that.

Be Happy:

Ponder one of my favourite quotes by William Arthur Ward : ‘Happiness is an Inside Job’ take a minute to digest these simple yet powerful words: ‘Happiness is an Inside Job’, try and remember that when you are feeling low, only you have the power to change your mood. In the short term, friends and family can distract you, but you are the master of your long term happiness.

Have Fun:

Remember to do more of the things that give you joy.  In my case other than cooking, it was a surprise trip to the #SG_SkyGarden booked by my daughter the day before Mother Day’s. She said it was because I love London, gardens and buildings! I hope today allows you to reflect on what you enjoy doing and this year you get to do more of just that.

 Smile, Be Happy & Have Fun, Happy International Day of Happiness. logo


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  1. Mary

    Thank you Marissa ! That view and definition of happiness on your cup made me SMILE ?!
    Smiles & happiness right back ❤️?

    • Marissa

      Hi Mary
      Thank you for taking the time to send your kind words.
      That cup was just perfect for International Happiness Day and as you know that is truly my happy place.
      Thank you for the lovely smile and happy wishes, have a good day to come.

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