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Let’s Talk About Millionaires Shortbread Recipes

I love Millionaires Shortbread, I can say no to a slice of cake but if there is millionaires shortbread on any menu I will always order a piece.

I have tried so many recipes the one on the back of the Nestle tin, their Easy Millionaires Shortbread is a firm favourite, Anne my proofreader introduced it to us. It is a wonderful cheat recipe using ready-made shortbread and a quick caramel, if you have not tried it give it a go it is really tasty.

My current favourite is the New York Times Cooking Millionaires Shortbread recipes by the brilliant Samantha Seneviratne, the caramel is just delicious, the best I have tried so far and so easy to make with well-explained instructions. With most recipes, I try and have a little spin or additions, all I do with this recipe is halve the chocolate (a thin layer suits our family’s sweet tooth) and add 50g of white chocolate which I marble through with a toothpick. A small teaspoon full of white chocolate is streaked into the chocolate layer and then swirled or feathered in with a toothpick. Toothpick work was very early 1990’s but it always looks artistic. This is the link to the recipe it really the best Millionaires Shortbread.

I use my My Mom’s Favourite Rich Shortbread Recipe for the shortbread base and then the New York Times Cooking Millionaires Shortbread caramel recipe for the delicious caramel layer:

  • 1 can condensed milk
  • 4 tablespoons/55 grams of unsalted butter 
  • 2 tablespoons Lyle’s Golden Syrup 
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt
  • ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract


Add all the ingredients except the vanilla extract into a small pot.

On low heat stir the ingredients until the mixture turns a cappuccino colour and is the texture of Angel Delight (the instant pudding).  This takes 10 minutes to reach this stage. Add the vanilla essence and stir well. Smooth the caramel over the shortbread and top with the melted chocolate, and cool or refrigerate until the topping has set.  Serve and wait for the rave reviews.

Millionaires as an Edible Gift:

It was my son’s birthday a few months back and my friends popped around to wish him on the doorstep and drop off generous gifts, we were still in that phase of Lockdown. I made a tray of millionaires shortbread and sent them away with a small rectangular piece each. Due to the different textured layers, the millionaires rarely cut into even shapes, but a straight line to form a rectangle works wonderfully. An added bonus of the rectangular edible gift is that each person can cut as much or as little as they enjoy.

Caramel Shortbread Idea:

More recently my mom, (who makes most of the recipes I post, which is a wonderful connector for our across the seas existence, she is in South Africa I am in the UK) made this recipe by proxy for my nephew and goddaughter. I wanted them to have a taste of what I was making when they called me. My mom made and delivered them a tray and it is now their favourite treat!

My mom made the shortbread without the chocolate layer! I thought that was strange, but the caramel does set, it cuts very well and is delicious. So if you enjoy the New York Times recipe and want something a little less rich, try omitting the chocolate layer and enjoy what we have called Caramel Shortbread.

Left: Millionaires with White Chocolate Swirl

Right: Caramel Shortbread

I hope you give this recipe a go, it is one that you will use time and again.

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