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change4life Sugar Monitoring App

change4life Sugar Smart App
Interesting App launched by Public Health England where you can scan over 75,000 products to check the sugar content.
The App gives you the amount of sugar in each portion and per pack of supermarket products.
I tried it in a few shops and thought that the product was not listed, turned out when I got the items home and my phone signal was stronger, most of the products were listed.
The reality in the UK is that children aged between 4-10 are eating 22kg of added sugar per year, that we all know is going to lead to many health issues going forward.

Just to remind ourselves how much sugar is in….

  • a can of cola has nine cubes of sugar

  • a chocolate bar has six cubes of sugar

  • a small carton of juice has more than five cubes of sugar

The Daily recommended sugar limits
  • Four to six year olds – five sugar cubes or 19g
  • Seven to ten year olds – six sugar cubes or 24g
  • 11 year olds and above – seven sugar cubes or 30g

Source: Public Health England

Not only children but adults need to check their sugar intake, too much sugar can lead to type 2 diabetes, weight gain, heart disease and some cancers.
Download the free App change4life sugar smart, get your children involved and turn scanning into a game, (all children love scanning barcodes) and help make healthier choices. logo