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Watermelon Pizza

A Slice of Watermelon Pizza, as you crunch through the refreshing flesh of the watermelon, your palate is bombarded with the flavours of your fruit toppings and what a sensation your mouth is treated too. This play on serving fruit is bound to delight anyone joining you for a slice of summer.

Watermelon Pizza is a great way to add a fun element to your breakfast buffet, serve a fruit dessert after a BBQ or for a snack to get the children excited to eat fruit. For younger children ask them to help ‘make their own watermelon pizza’ by having fruit toppings in bowls, for the children to assemble their own watermelon pizza slice.

The ideas is simple, choose the fruit you love to top the slices of watermelon; whole berries, chopped mangos, peaches, plums, bananas etc. and scatter the fruit onto the slices of watermelon.

Our supermarket stocks watermelon slices in the cut fruit section, this helps if you are catering for a few or you lack fridge space for a whole watermelon.  I used raspberries, passion fruit, pomegranates and chopped mangos; it tasted delicious and was assembled in minutes.









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