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Halloween Ideas & Bonfire Baklava

Halloween is coming and this year it will be like no other, families unable to have parties together and children unable to trick and treat in some parts of the world.

A few ideas are to still have the children dress up, some areas are having children walk around and neighbours are putting a picture in the window and the parents are rewarding the children for finding the Halloween pictures with a bucket of sweets they are carrying around.

My children have long passed the age of dressing up, they have been on uni trips to New York over Halloween or been to friends for a gathering, but I have always done Halloween style food on the night.

It could be my Three New York Hot Dog Cart Style Sauce or your sausages in a bun or the Middle Eastern Style Chilli something that says Halloween food, but not quite in a child like manner of my skeleton ribs.

This year I was making baklava and thought that my family, a collection of non sweet-toothed people, but they all love baklava, so I rolled the filo pastry to resemble sticks and stacked them in the shape of a bonfire.

This is the twist I’m talking about making something you enjoy as a family, into something you associate with Halloween.

At these difficult times when young minds are craving everything that is normal, we can add a little wave of fun to their worlds, through a simple plate of dinner or a treat.

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