Christmas Gifts That Last

As a family we have been blessed with many wonderful people in our lives. And each year their kindness is with us over the festive period in the little mementos they have given us when visiting over the Christmas period.

Last year we received the Baby it’s Cold Outside Sign and a beautiful Christmas cushion from friends.

10 years ago we lived next door to wonderful nuns and Sister Anna made us a stained glass Christmas decoration, we hang it on the tree every year.

14 years ago my friend moved to Australia and sent us the Koala decoration for Christmas. It has graced our tree every year since. 

18 years ago friends came to us around Christmas time and they brought us the draught excluder. They moved back to Greece and we have watched each other’s children grow up via social media. But they have been in our home every Christmas.

Every trip back to South Africa my family buys a Christmas decoration for my children. This gives us a taste of our African roots and a little piece of the family we miss so much over the Christmas period.

In our throw away society, where most are looking for the next generation material possession, I love the sentiment of a decoration that brings a piece of the people you love and can’t be with into your home, even if they are thousands of miles away.

If you are visiting friends or family over Christmas consider taking a little decoration, something that can come out every year and be a little reminder of your time together.