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Dinner Idea Schnitzel Holstein

If you are looking for a different dinner idea try a Schnitzel Holstein. A German variation that we used to serve in our Hotel School Restaurant. The chefs who trained us were German, Swiss, Austrian and British so the recipes we learnt were sometimes very regional.

I am a plain schnitzel girl, just a squeeze of lemon but my son and husband love this. Think of it as the German equivalent to ham chips and eggs. Once your schnitzel has been fried, in a separate pan fry an egg and top with two anchovy fillets and a few capers. Serve with chips and vegetables or in the summer with a potato salad. This recipe for potato salad is delicious Classic Potato Salad

If you happen to make an extra schnitzel, it makes for a wonderful lunch in a roll with some German mustard and mayonnaise.

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