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Halloween Party Food -An Edible Skeleton

An Edible Skeleton

Party food themed to represent all that Halloween stands for is such fun and really makes for a memorable event.

Ribs and sausages are always great party food options. An easy way to make them themed for Halloween is to set up the ribs to look like a rib cage and the sausage to look like intestines.

I added a skull as the head (this was a sweet container in its previous life). You could always add other props, like arms and legs to your skeleton, I didn’t have the table space.

Your Edible Skeleton makes for a wonderful sharing platter.

The teenagers that were served this Edible Skeleton were all quite ‘grossed out’ by cutting the rib cage and eating intestines. In my eyes I felt it was mission accomplished.

Have fun creating your Edible Skeleton.

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Happy Halloween

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