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Halloween Party Food – Witches Fingers

A simple sausage can easily be turned into a witch’s finger.

Remove the outer skin of the sausage and peel it off.

Press a whole almond firmly into the top portion of the sausage.

I use a knife to indent a few lines below the almond to add joint lines onto the finger.

This turns the sausages into very effective stubby witches’ fingers.

If you have guests with nut allergies, keep aside a few sausages that you have cooked on a separate tray and without the almond fingernail for them to enjoy.

Tomato sauce squirted over the witches’ fingers makes them look like they are bleeding.

As you assemble the sausage in a bun for the children, you can always ask if they would you like a witch’s finger with or without blood.  This really adds to the Halloween food fun.

I used apple and pork sausages, the apples turned a golden yellow which when cooked, made the fingers look infected.

Witches fingers are easy to make and great if you are feeding a crowd or having a Halloween-themed dinner.

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Happy Halloween

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