www.marissa.co Herb Infused Gravy (Sage or Rosemary Gravy)

Herb Infused Gravy

This easy to make Herb Infused Gravy will add a wonderful depth of flavour to your meal.

It’s so simple to make, use either pan juices, a pouch or gravy granules. Then you add a twist, by bringing the gravy to a boil, adding a 15g bunch of fresh sage leaves or rosemary and remove the gravy from the heat.  Leave the herbs submerged for 15 minutes

Once the herbs have infused into the gravy, re-heat and serve. 

Pour the Sage Infused Herb Gravy onto your Thanksgiving Turkey, Sunday Roast Chicken or a Midweek Chicken Pie.

Serve the Rosemary Infused Herb Gravy with a Roast Lamb, Midweek Lamb Chops or serve the gravy with Shepherd’s Pie.

It is a delicious treat that is simple to make and will wow gravy lovers.

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