One Pot Chicken & Cider Rice Recipe

Chicken and rice cooked in one pot is a meal to have up your sleeve when you are pushed for time. My recipe for One Pot Chicken & Cider Rice is quick, the spice mix is different and delicious.

I cubed and fried chicken breasts in a little olive oil until they had colour, but weren’t cooked through.

I added cubed butternut, firm apples peeled, cored and chopped, a stick of cinnamon, dried sage and a bay leaf to the pot. The flavour combinations are unusual, but they work really well.

Then instead of cooking your usual rice in stock, cook the rice in the same quantity of sweet and it must be sweet, apple or pear cider and a vegetable stock cube. 

Once the rice is cooked serve and enjoy this quick, easy and delicious One Pot Chicken & Cider Rice.

Vegan Option:

This can easily be turned into a Meat Free Monday or Vegan dinner option.

Obviously leaving out the chicken and perhaps adding more chopped vegetables like swede or parsnips, to make the dish more nutritious.

What may not be obvious is that some ciders are not vegan friendly, a fact I learnt when writing this piece.

There is helpful information on the Vegan Society website and a handy Vegan Friendly Ciders list.

This One Pot Chicken & Cider Rice can be on the table as quickly as it takes to cook your chosen rice.

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