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When we moved from London to Kent my daughter was able to attend a school straight away and my son had to wait a month plus the Christmas holidays to attend. Structure to your day is essential, my son was 8, energetic and I am not a teacher! I did what I could which included the following:

Usually, children run around the playgrounds before they line up and then go to class, depending on how early you make it to the school gates it can be 10-20 minutes. So I started my son’s day with a run around the garden, or on rainy days like a Fit in Five style confined area workout.

Start the day at the same time each day

If you are going to follow the curriculum start with the boring lessons first and have a fun activity or project for the child to look forward to after lunch.

I used BBC bite-sized it worked very well, as well as the subject books, I bought online.

We chose a book to read at the end of the day.

Have a project that the children can build on wait for the paint to dry, plant seeds something that requires nurturing and something that they will look forward to doing the next day.

The children can help prepare lunch and learn to cook.

Academics-wise my son went up to 2 sub-levels which was lovely to witness.

It seems surreal but I must say the relationship which is not natural for a child to have a parent as their school teacher (unless that is their job) was one that both my son and I enjoyed. When this comes up in conversation we both reminisce with fondness.

He listened to me the first time so to all those parents that are home with their children, when the grief of being at home without their friends fades and it will, they will relish the eduction and interaction you have together.

You have got this.

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Image used is my son’s current revision timetable!