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How to make a B-52 and G-52’s

A little bit of late 80’s early 90’s fun, remember B52’s? This simple shot can be made with liqueurs, which you probably already have indoors. My G-52 version is a good excuse to use any liqueur you purchased on holiday as long as it matches with the coffee flavour in Kahlua, it will form an excellent topper to your shot.

How to make a B-52 and G-52’s

  • The first layer is Kahlua, or any coffee liqueur you have this is a 2/3 pour into a shot glass.
  • Baileys forms the second layer, you can use any Irish cream liqueur, leaving a little space at the top for the Grand Marnier
  • The third layer is Grand Marnier, a thin layer on the top, you can use anything from an orange liqueur to a cognac.
  •  In my G-52 I used a Mastiha Liqueur instead of the Grand Manier. This was a lockdown purchase that I enjoyed neat and over vanilla ice cream.
  • You could add any other liqueur you have indoors that would pair well with the coffee flavour of Kahlua.

I also served 1/2 shots for those that just wanted a little try.

While we all have to be mindful to drink more responsibility, sometimes we can reminisce about the days gone by and enjoy a taste of what we ate or drank in our youth.

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