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What To Do With – Left Over Pesto Sauce

Do you also have two or three teaspoons of pesto sauce left over, that you sometimes struggle to find a use for?

It’s not enough for a family meal, but enough to make something out of it?

Sometimes I’ll add the few teaspoonfuls of pesto to a toasted mozzarella sandwich, which is delicious. Or I’ll top a baked potato with tuna, the left over teaspoons of pesto and mayonnaise. The basil in the pesto adds a wonderful flavour to the tuna and gives the potato a lovely lift.

But the other day I boiled fresh corn on the cob and instead of smearing butter over the corn, I added a teaspoon of the left over pesto.

The family loved this twist and I would definitely serve this again.

The pesto corn on the cob would also be a great addition to a summer BBQ meal, with meat marinated with Italian flavours, like rosemary and garlic.

So next time you have a little pesto left over and some corn on the cob, a baked potato or a sandwich that needs a lift, try my ideas and let me know what you think.


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