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What’s New In The Supermarkets – New Products That I Find On My Travels

Some women buy shoes, some bags, for me I love to hunt out new ingredients.

I will detour to different shops, supermarkets and stop in little neighbourhood stores en-route to somewhere (even on visiting Universities with my daughter!), just to pop in and see if I can find something I have never seen before.

Weird? Maybe, but my cupboards are overflowing with obscure ingredients and a variety of products that I can add to my recipes. This little bit of urban foraging keeps me happy.

This is what I have found on my travels:

White Folded Flat Bread

On my latest travels I have discovered almost like in Greece pitta.

I first saw them in Sainsbury’s and they are now stocked in Tesco’s and Waitrose.

They are called White Folded Flat Bread, they  also stock a delicious Malted Grain and Rye Fold Flatbread.

The taste of the White Folded Flat Bread  is more like a Greek or Cypriot pitta, they just aren’t as thick or round.

They were delicious mid week, filled with lemon, oregano chicken souvlakia and salad.

At £1.00 for 6 they are double the price of 6 for a normal packet of pitta breads.  But for something different and the fact that they have a shorter shelf life, which can only mean there are less additives, makes them more attractive. I would definitely seek them out and give them a try.

Taylor & Colledge Almond, Lemon and Peppermint Extract Pastes

In the baking section of a larger Waitrose I found Taylor & Colledge Almond, Lemon and Peppermint Extract Pastes. This is an established Australian brand. It seems to be all the rage to make concentrated paste which uses less unnecessary additives and preservatives than the old fashioned essences. These pastes are free from Propylene Glycol, are free from GMO,  Gluten Free and Preservative Free.

Their website has a recipe for Dark Peppermint Truffles (the link is below) which looked easy and one to try if you are an After 8 Dinner Mint fan.

Taylor & Colledge Recipe Dark Peppermint Truffles

The Peppermint Paste could also be added to my Easy Chocolate Cake recipe for a choc mint cake.

I’ll keep trawling the aisles and add to this post when I spot something new.

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