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Lemon Posset Recipe

Indulgent, light and decadent this easy to boil together make-ahead dessert, will be one that you can make for any occasion.

What is Lemon Posett? An infusion of cream, sugar, lemon juice and zest. Heated on the stovetop and allowed to bubble away for 5 minutes, cooled and set in the fridge. Initially, the mixture needs to be constantly stirred and then given plenty of space to bubble away, it quadruples in volume, as it boils, so choose a roomy pot.

As you are stirring and the mixture starts to simmer you see a massive gloop of what looks like curdling milk forming, don’t panic, keep stirring and allow the mixture to simmer a little longer and a runny homogenous mixture will come back. Gently bring the mixture to a rolling boil for a timed 5 minutes, stirring often to ensure the sides don’t catch and burn. Remove the pot from the heat and pour into a jug, unless your pot has a spout.

Decide on how big a serving of possets you are needing to end the meal. I used a 200ml tumbler and filled the glasses halfway, leaving room for additions. I served crushed meringue, raspberries and grated chocolate, my guests could top their posset or eat it as is. You can use espresso cups for a lighter dessert, served with shortbread or brandy snap biscuits on the side.

We were touring unis on Saturday, so I got ahead and made the Lemon Posetts on Friday night. It really made for an easy make-ahead dessert. The possets are versatile a delicious ending to a BBQ, dinner party or a shot glassful can be added to an afternoon tea menu.

I was interested to read around this recipe which was given to me by Anne Gordon’s mum-in-law Sarah, the recipe was called Petits Pots Au Citron and another friend calls this recipe Lemon Posset. Essentially, I found out that Petits Pots Au Citron is an egg custard, with cream and lemon and a lemon posset is a cold set lemon pudding without egg.

Lemon posset is a lovely gluten-free desert.


Lemon Posset
Preparation time
Cooking time
Total time
A light and delicious end to a Sunday lunch or a mid-week meal, this dessert is a great make-ahead recipe.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: British
Servings: 8
  • 660ml double cream
  • 200ml lemon juice and zest (+-4 small or 2 extra-large Italian unwaxed lemons)
  • 250g caster sugar
  1. Use a large high sided pot, this prevents the mixture from bubbling over as the mixture rises up 4 times its volume.
  2. Stir all the ingredients together the mixture will become gloppy, don't worry, keep stirring on low heat.
  3. Once the mixture comes to a boil, time for exactly 5 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent the sides from burning.
  4. Pour into espresso or tumblers depending on the meal you have served.
  5. This mixture filled 8, 200ml tumblers halfway up the glass, leaving space for fruit, crushed meringues or white chocolate shavings.
  6. This mixture will fill 10-12 espresso cups depending on how large they are.
This recipe can easily be halved.
Use unwaxed lemons.
Use the freshest cream with the longest date that you can find on the shelf.
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