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Mango Lassi

With super sweet mangos in season, a great way to use them is in a refreshing, thirst quenching Mango Lassi. A lassi is an India fruit smoothie or milkshake and my recipe is made with mangos, yoghurt and milk. 

The sweetness of the mango, with the backdrop of the creaminess of a good quality Greek yoghurt, thinned to your desired consistency by blending the ingredients with milk, makes for a refreshing healthy yet indulgent drink.  I always use Total Greek Yoghurt, but any good quality thick natural yoghurt will work. The trick is to use super sweet mangos, this is your star ingredient.


Easily adapted for vegans using coconut yoghurt and coconut milk.

A delicious summer drink at a BBQ.

A fun drink to make with children in the summer holidays. 

Cheers and Enjoy your Mango Lassi.

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