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Quick & Delicious Chicken Recipe


On those days that you walk through the door and you need a quick hearty meal to feed yourself or the family this is the recipe to try. You can have a  freshly cooked meal on the table in under 30 minutes and use most of the vegetables you have in the fridge that can be pan fried.

I had 2 chicken breasts which I sliced into 4 pieces lengthwise, I chopped an onion and a pepper, sliced the few mushrooms and cut and two small pointed cabbages in half. For the sauce I used brandy, but dessert, white or red wine work just as well and a few tablespoons of double cream or crème fraîche (or omit this completely if you prefer your chicken without sauce).  All you need is ready made or leftover quinoa, rice or mash potato to serve with your chicken.

This is how to make this easy chicken recipe:

Fry the onion and pepper together in olive oil until softened, add the mushrooms and peppers fry until they take colour.

Add the chicken breasts and cabbage (or your chosen vegetables) fry until golden on both sides.

Season everything with salt and pepper.

Remove the cabbage from the pan to keep it tender but slightly firm, keep the cabbage warm.

With the chicken in the frying pan, add a glug of brandy, dessert wine or any open wine you may have, pour enough to cover the bottom of the pan.

While the alcohol is bubbling away stir and scrape all the bits from the bottom of the pan.

Allow the alcohol to evaporate, this takes a few minutes.

If you have opted for the no sauce version, at this point take your chicken out of the pan and serve over the ready cooked quinoa, rice or mash potato.

If you are using cream add this to the pan and allow the chicken and cream to bubble and thicken, stirring constantly. This takes a couple of minutes on a high heat.

Plate the chicken and cabbage over the ready made quinoa, rice or mash potato and spoon the creamy sauce over the top.

It is that quick and easy.


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