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Rungway The Micro-Mentoring App

I am excited to officially announce what I have been doing behind the scene for a few months. I participated in the Beta trail for the app called Rungway which is now open to the public. On their website Rungway is described as: ‘The app to meet, help and be helped on work and life questions.  Reach new people and gain fresh perspectives from beyond your usual circle. That’s Rungway’.

Rungway in my words is a social media app with a difference; it centres around micro-mentoring. You can pose a question about work or life and receive responses from a very diverse group of professionals. I have had responses from a cross section of age ranges and people in varying stages of their careers, from students to Heads of Departments and CFOs.

I have my friend in high places to thank, she referred me to the co-founder of Rungway Julie Chakraverty. Julie has held many acclaimed positions and is an inspiration to all in the corporate world. She broke the glass ceiling when she earned a place on the board of a FTSE-100 as the youngest female non-executive director at the age of 41. If you want to read more about Julie she has just featured in an insightful article in the Forbes magazine. Link to Julie’s Article in the Forbes Magazine

Having left the Investment Management world many years ago, I must admit that I did not feel my self-employed years would offer much to today’s work force. Julie nevertheless started me on the Beta trail and I have loved every minute I have been using the app. When I set up my account and reading through the questions posed, I soon realised your experiences are never outdated. It felt wonderful to help steer or support someone to take a turn you could have personally made earlier in your career, if you had had the benefit of hindsight or to tell someone struggling with a parenting conundrum the benefit of your experiences.

Download Rungway and see how you can shape someone’s life for the better. I have advised on career direction, how to deal with underperforming team members, team members wearing earphone in the office, techniques to deal with insomnia, friends being unkind to you as a working mum, how to get your children to sleep, missing your child’s sports day and dealing with being overlooked for promotion.

Using Rungway fills my personal need to impart information. When you come away from having your question answered or answering someone’s question, for me it restores your faith in human kindness. Everyone using the app has demanding jobs, but they have taken the time to help you, a total stranger to them.  There is a certain type of person that can ask for advice or can draw on and use others’ experiences. Giving selflessly is soul filling and all those people can be found within the Rungway app. You really get a sense of happiness and achievement that not many apps out there can do.

In my opinion Rungway creates a forum for varied opinions from a diverse range of respondents that you feel privileged to have access to.

I am excited to now be able to officially direct you to the app which you can download it in the Google Play or Apple App Store.

I hope you enjoy using Rungway as much as I do.

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