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As Freshers weeks have ended and the reality of moving away from home has set in, I thought I would blog about meals you could suggest to friends or family that are away from home for the first time.

Beans are a great meal option, this bean salad can be made in a large batch and eat over a few days Bean Salad Recipe

A healthy alternative to just eating pot noodles, make a delicious and quick Asian Coleslaw using your 2 minute noodles Asian Coleslaw with Crispy Noodles

Lentils are inexpensive, healthy and take on flavour beautifully. If you make a large batch of this salad you can eat it over 3 days as an accompaniment or as a main course Delicious and Healthy Lentil Salad Recipe

Burger are always a great quick, easy and economical meal option, this post has over 10 different meat and vegetarian burger options too, click here Exciting Burger Recipes and Ideas: Meat & Vegetarian

Everyone loves a BBQ sauce and if you master a homemade one you will be very popular. Try my son Harry’s sauce recipe.

It’s quick, easy and goes with everything sausages, burgers, a grilled piece of chicken or used as a dipping sauce for corn on the cob. Harry’s BBQ Sauce Recipe

Happy cooking.

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