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14th February for many will be the first time since Christmas you have allowed yourself to indulge in good food and wine, without guilt.  Dry January is over; we have ticked the joining the gym box and now we can focus on a fun event.  If you aren’t in a relationship have a get together with your friends.

Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas:

  • If you are hosting your friends at home or having a romantic dinner for two start the celebration with a cocktail. Serving a cocktail at the onset of a celebration turns a dinner into a memorable event. It can be as simple as a lovely Prosecco with an added tot of fruit liqueur or if you are a mixologist, mix up a more elaborate cocktail and have that ready for your friends or partner.
  • If you are in a relationship you could book a table at your current favourite restaurant or one that you went to when you first met.
  • You could have a cosy night in with your favourite takeaway.
  • Book a table at the restaurant you proposed at, the place can rekindle the memory of ‘I do’.
  • If there is a country that you wanted to visit and haven’t quite made it to book a table at a restaurant that specialises in that country’s cuisine.
  • Cook a meal in the style of where you had your honeymoon, for example if you went to Mauritius make a lovely curry or serve a gorgeous seafood platter and reminisce about Spain.
  • Start the morning with a surprise breakfast in bed (Valentine is on a Sunday this year so that is an easy option).
  • Consider turning the tables on who cooks, so whoever usually does the majority of the cooking is given the day off and the other partner cooks.
  • Pack a picnic and visit a spot you used to frequent when you were dating.
  • You can give your partner an IOU for a weekend away that you have booked and planned.
  • Visit a historical place or tourist destination that you have always meant to go to, one on your back door step that you just haven’t to.

I think as with most events that the world celebrates together, there can be undue pressure and unnecessary feelings of inadequacy before, during and after the event. As with anything turn the celebration into your celebration, celebrate in a way that suits you and spoil your partner in a way that you know they will appreciate.

Enjoy creating lasting memories with your partner or friends and making them feel appreciated.

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