Broccoli & Smoked Salmon Carbonara Recipe

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Pasta is everyone’s go to food when you have had a busy day, yesterday was one of those days  for us.

I had a packet of salmon trimmings, I love keeping a packet in my fridge to make sandwiches, quiche fillings or to add to pasta dishes), a small head of broccoli, a bag of shell pasta 500g, an egg and some naughty double cream 250ml, turned into a speedy, luxurious and delicious dinner.

I cook the pasta and the florets of broccoli cut into small pieces together. Cut small enough the broccoli florets will cook at the same time as the pasta. In a measuring jug, measure out 250ml double cream (you can use crème fraiche), crack one egg into the cream and beat the cream and egg together with a fork. Add the salmon trimmings to the cream and egg mixture, breaking the salmon into small pieces with your folk. When the pasta and broccoli are cooked, (use the instructions on the packet of pasta as your guide), strain the pasta and broccoli returning both to the pot. With the heat off, add the cream, egg and salmon mixture into the pasta and broccoli and stir continuously with a wooden spoon, until the pasta is glistening in a delicious creamy sauce.

This dish takes as long as your pasta needs to be cooked for, plus 3 minutes to stir and heat the creamy sauce.

Serve immediately.


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  1. Anne Gordon

    Dear Marissa,

    What a hit! As you know I went to the US last week. When I arrived I found out my friend’s daughter was vegetarian. We were out all day sightseeing and I had offered to cook dinner and so I needed something quick when we got home. The Broccoli and Smoked Salmon Carbonara was delicious, so simple and fast! I gave your details to my friend – you have made it over the pond x

    • Marissa

      Dear Anne
      I can’t stop smiling, you have made me so happy. Thank you for sharing how you used the site and recipe aboard.

      It is wonderful to hear that it was enjoyed by everyone. Here’s to our first (hopefully of many) North American success story! Marissa

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