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Caramel Crunch Slice

Having a delicious make-ahead Christmas treat for a gathering with friends is a bonus at this busy time of year.  I developed this recipe for Caramel Crunch Slice Bars for my friend who loves Florentines. Although they are not always a favourite amongst our children, I wanted to incorporate her love for the caramel, fruit and nut flavours into something quick and easy to make ahead of time. This recipe was made three days ahead.

It was served to 5 of our children (aged 14-18) and they loved the Caramel Crunch Slice, as did the adults. Out of everything I served, there was only a morsel left of the Carmel Crunch Slice, testament to its deliciousness. 

Using vegan ‘butter’ and ready-made vegan biscuits, this is a excellent addition for vegan and dairy-free friends and family.

The ingredients look too simple to taste that good, but trust me the recipe has depth of flavour despite its simplicity.

The butter cooked with the golden syrup makes for a caramel flavoured binder that coats each ingredient you choose to add. The ingredients can be tailored to your family or friends favourites. I used what my friend loves, but you can change the ingredients to make them bespoke to your tastes. I omitted raisin as some of the children are not partial to them, but they will work well in the recipe. I’d also say that if you have made Christmas Mincemeat or Cake that you may have a little mixed peel a few of this and that, this would be the recipe to add them to.

For my Southern Hemisphere readers sweltering in the heat, a slice of this Caramel Crunch Slice served while sitting at the side of the pool, will give you a hint of Christmas without the heaviness of all the traditional Christmas treats and desserts.

Caramel Crunch Slice
Preparation time
Cooking time
Total time
This make-ahead easy to stir together Caramel Crunch Bar will please anyone who gets a slice.
Servings: 10
  • 175g butter (or vegan spread) chopped
  • 4 tablespoons golden syrup
  • Make the syrup first and then chop your ingredients whilst it cools
  • 225g digestive biscuits (or a vegan option)
  • 100g chopped dried dates
  • 50g dried cranberries, whole
  • 50g glace cherries, cut in quarters
  • 50g chopped dried apricots
  • 50g dried figs, cut in eighths
  • 50g blanched almonds, pulse to break down
  • 50g pecan nuts, chopped in half
  1. Choose a 30cm x15cm tart tin, round cake tin or two square brownie tins and tin them with cling wrap.
  2. Start by making the caramel as it needs to cool which will then give you time to cut the fruit, biscuits and nuts.
  3. Melt the butter and golden syrup together.
  4. Stirring continuously allow the mixture to simmer for three minutes, I set a timer.
  5. The mixture will bubble up so keep stirring, don't be tempted to walk away.
  6. Set aside and start cutting the fruit and nuts you have chosen.
  7. You want the bar a little rustic.
  8. When the butter and syrup have cooled, add it to all the ingredients and press in your tin of choice.
It can be made 1 week ahead of time and stored in the fridge, wrapped in a layer of greaseproof paper and cling wrap.
I hope you stir a batch of these Caramel Crunch Slice soon, they are delicious.

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