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Easy Summer Time Ice Cream Dessert Idea – Ice Cream Dessert Station

Ice cream for dessert is always a hit (it’s still my all time favourite ending to a meal) whether it is my delicious homemade caramel ice cream or a tub of your favourite shop bought variety, there is something about ice cream for dessert that makes everyone smile.

I turned dessert after a filling Summertime Cypriot BBQ into a fun interactive build your own ice cream bowl, for friends.

I bought (well actually I had them in the cupboard from Christmas) ready made Brandy Snap baskets, these are not necessary but fun if you have them. I served a good quality Vanilla Ice Cream and an array of toppings.

Topping Ideas:

Chocolate chips, white, milk and dark



Mini Marshmallows

Popping Candy

Fresh Strawberries

My Quick and Easy Homemade Salted Caramel Sauce

Each person had a turn to have their ice cream coupe built with their favourite toppings.

This is an easy dessert option for the summer, always a hit with any age group and a brilliant no cook make ahead dessert.

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