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Father’s Day Make Ahead Starters/Nibbles Recipes

If you are catering over the weekend I have a few recipes and ideas that I use that can be made ahead and served to friends and family. The recipes can be scaled up for a crowd or halved for an intimate dinner.

I always try and get as many things ahead of time so I’m not in the kitchen when my friends arrive, but I always manage to gravitate there no matter how well prepared I am!

I have three cold starters that are crowd pleasers, a mushroom pate, smoked salmon pate and my marinated artichokes.

The Quick & Easy Mushroom Pâté is versatile I love a pate at Borough Market and I worked on the recipe and now I can enjoy it anytime not just when I get to my food heaven. I know a few of my readers have vegans in the family so I have devised two recipes from the one batch.  I have made a small quantity for a dinner for two and I have also scaled this up and turned out a loaf tin size for a larger gathering.


Marinated Artichokes are expensive to buy and often swimming in oil, my quick easy recipe is economical to make and coated beautifully in just the right amount of vinaigrette. I am not partial to artichokes but this recipe has me hooked.



This is the best Quick Smoked Salmon Pâté Recipe every mouthful is zingy with the tip I give you for the salmon and lemon, smoky from the trimming pieces you use and luxurious. If you wanted to you can add the filling to crustade cases and spoon a tiny drop of caviar onto the top of each canape or you can serve it on a board as shown below.



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