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Make Ahead Soup Recipes

I love serving a steaming bowls of comforting soup to friends either in espresso cups, with a cheese straw on top for a warming, mingle and sip starter, or setting a formal table and serving the soup with sliced artisan breads. The soup recipes below are my favourites which you may have missed from previous posts and they quick, easy and adaptable for different dietary requirements, vegans, lactose and gluten intolerant friends can all be easily catered for.

Carrot, Lentil & Cumin Soup

This is a bowl of delicious healthy goodness. With each mouthful you feel as if you are nourishing your body. The feta on the top can be omitted for lactose and vegan eaters or replaced with a lactose free or vegan cheese.


The Spiced Parsnip Soup recipe was given to me by my friend Tracey it is unusual and delicious. With a short list of ingredients, you will wonder how it can be so flavoursome. I loved my friend’s daughter’s remark when her mom used a well known Cook & TV personality’s recipe for soup, she said ‘Next time can you make Marissa’s Parsnip Soup!’


Cream of Mushroom Soup

With Autumn in its full glory in the Southern Hemisphere and the rain arriving in the UK this weekend, I thought this could be a wonderful quick and easy recipe to have up your sleeve. If you needing something to feed the family shifts (those with teenagers will know what I am talking about), as a friend’s light lunch or as a dinner party starter, it is that flexible and delicious.



Enjoy making and serving a delicious bowl of soup.

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