Whether they are looking to revise or make a timetable, there are online tools to assist. Using YouTube or tapping into the resources listed below, you can make revision more varied and interactive. Having a maths concept explained by a person in the far reaches of the world is amazing. Harness the free resources available.

A good thing to find out is your learning style, are you a visual, kinesthic or auditory learner. Knowing this you can focus on how to revise.

Below are a few of the free resources my daughter and her friends are using to revise for their GCSE’s. Some of these resouces also cater into your A Level and university years.

BBC Bitesize App – This site has been recently been updated and the app has video, audio, quizzes and lesson notes to enhance revision.

BBC Bitesize

Exam Count Down– A great way to clearly see when your exams are, the app gives you a day, hours and minute countdown to each of your exams.

Apple Download: Exam Countdown App Android Download:Exam Countdown App

Getrevising – Helps create a timetable that accommodates other commitments like extra curriculum activities, sports and parties. Find practice papers for your exam boards and get creative using their tool to make mind maps, plan essays and turn your revision notes into flashcards.

Get Revising


Allows you to specify your exam boards (GCSE, A Level, IB, iGCSE, Common Entrance and international qualifications including Junior Certificate (Ireland),  SATs (US) and the South African Matric) and provides questions on the syllabus you are studying.


Khan Academy

Offers videos, practise papers and a personalised learning dashboard. Although free you are encouraged to make donations. They have a wonderful library on Youtube that is brilliant at explaining complex math equations and much more.

Khan Academy

Best of luck to the pupils writing their exams.

Well done to the families and friend that are creating an environment for their children to learn in.