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Sweet Crust Pastry

A light easy to make and almost short bread like Sweet Crust Pastry that can compliment any filling. In these unsettled times you may find that you can’t pop the shops to get a packet of processed biscuits to make a tart crust.
It was my son’s birthday and he wanted milk tart, my family are not cake lovers. I would usually whizz up a packet of biscuits and hey presto the crust is done.  This time I used my daughter’s Godmother’s recipe for the base of a traditional milk tart and it was very good and used store cupboard ingredients.
You don’t even need to get the rolling pin out, the dough is very soft and sticky and it was like playing with playdough. Lightly greasing the pastry cases, press a long strip of dough into into the edges and up the sides. Bake the bases blind and once a crust had formed and the mixture will no longer rise, remove the beads/rice or whatever you are using to weigh the dough down with. Then brown the crust or remove and fill.
The filling I was making was cooked in the microwave and did not require oven cooking, so the base needed to be cooked as you would want to serve it. If you were baking a mixture in the oven, once the mixture forms a crust, you can fill and carry on cooking the tart in the oven.
The mixture looks very sparse but using self raising flour doubles the dough and covers a 2 x 30cm x 4cm tart case or in my case one 30cm x 4cm and two 15cm Victoria sponge tins.  I would make this going forward as the base to my easy Milk Tart recipe.
Sweet Pie or Tart Crust
Preparation time
Cooking time
Total time
A light almost short bread stye crust that can compliment anything from a chocolate filling to a custard fruit tart.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: South African
Servings: 2 pies
  • 225g butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 450g self raising flour
  1. Cream butter and sugar very well, until pale in colour.
  2. Add the eggs and mix beat well.
  3. Add flour and mix until just incorporated.
  4. Press into two pie plates, bake bind at 180 degrees until light brown or until a crust forms if you are baking a filling in the oven.
This recipe can easily be halved.
I hope this inspires you to make a crust that you can fill and enjoy.

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