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Mother’s Day – Treat Your Mother to a Homemade Cream Tea or Afternoon Tea

Mother’s Day is a real treat, it should be a choreless day when you spoil, pamper your mum and looked .

I don’t know a mum who doesn’t love a cream or afternoon tea. It’s a very simple event to put together.

You can shop buy or make all or some of the elements, depending on your time or abilities in the kitchen. My recipes are very easy. My cakes are one bowl and beat or easy instructions that will lead you to success.

Elements Of A Cream Tea

A Cream Tea is effectively where you serve Tea and Scones with clotted cream. I am aware in some countries you cannot buy clotted cream. Whipped double cream works well as a substitute.

Scones are very simple to make in 30 minutes from start to finish you can be sitting down to a warm, delicious made from scratch scone. They can easily be shop bought if need be, always look for the most expensive on the shelf (this will still only be under £2), but the ingredients used will taste better.

I’ll be honest when you make a batch of my Buttermilk Scones, you will not be able to buy shop-bought scone again.

Scones served with strawberry jam (or your mum’s favourite) and clotted cream are a wonderful treat on their own or as part of a full Afternoon Tea.


Crustless sandwiches filled with egg mayonnaise, ham and cheese, smoked salmon cream cheese and thinly sliced cucumber are easy to make and serve.

Choose a selection of three sandwich fillings to make.

My Quick Smoked Salmon Pate recipe works well as a smoked salmon cream cheese sandwich filler,  just omit the double cream.

Best Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Filling recipe is a wonderful traditional addition.

Afternoon is complete with the very English cucumber sandwich; buttered bread, thinly sliced cucumbers and salt and pepper is all you need for this filling and it tastes delicious.


My Lemon Drizzle Cake, Carrot Cake and Easy Chocolate Cake recipes on my site are always delicious. Click on the links and you will see how easy these recipes are to make.

All the cakes can be tray baked and cut into small squares.

If you are pushed for time, all the cakes can be made up to 2 days before needed, so you can plan ahead. They still taste deliously fresh….no one will know. Just remember to wrap them up in clingwrap or seal them in an airtight container.


Serve your mother’s favourite traditional tea, coffee or a bottle of champagne.

I hope this inspires you to make something homemade for your special mum. If you do use this idea, for Mothers Day or in the future, please send me a photo of your cream or afternoon tea. I would love to see your photos. Thank you to my Mother & Daughter models, Bridie and Bernadette.

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