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A Pimms Idea that you will love

I wanted to give Pimms a little shout-out. Gin and Tonic seem to have been everyone’s go-to summer welcome drink. But nothing quite says summer like a glass of Pimms. Here is a great idea to keep kitchen food waste central to what you do and make an even tastier drink. This tip is a wonderful way to add a depth of flavour to your Pimms.

I often make tzatziki the recipe is quick and easy, and it involves squeezing out the cucumber water. Here is the thing: how many times do we swirl that green flavoursome water away? Recently and why it has taken me so long to think of this escapes me, but instead of discarding the cucumber water, I added it to my Pimms. This added a deeper, more refreshing taste to the Pimms. It’s not overly cucumbery, and it doesn’t colour the drink, but it does add a dimension that you don’t get from just adding cucumber slices to your Pimms.

Now if you haven’t already read this tip on how to get people talking about your Pimms, have a quick read and you will be praised from the first sip, for your drink-making skills.

Dig out your jug and enjoy a pitcher of Pimms.

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