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Idea: Add A Healthy Crunch Topping

Like me, you may have a few nuts, goji berries, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, almonds, pistachios, chopped dates, apricots and other healthy additions that you use in your baking, salads or as toppings to soups, left in the cupboard.

My idea is to add A Healthy Crunch to your bowl of cereal, oats, biscuits, muffins, fairy cakes or scotch pancakes. Or eat them as a DIY version of the fruit shots, they are selling in the supermarkets. I have them sitting in a jar to encourage healthier snacking too.

The next time you bake add what you have leftover, on top of the raw mixture. When your bakes come out of the oven, brush them with a little honey heated in the microwave to add a shine to the topping. They will be a talking point and definitely lift your bake, not to mention clearing out your cupboards.

I added a healthy crunch to my stir together banana muffins and served them to my friends who popped in for a quick before work coffee. Over the years these friends have eaten my banana muffins in many guises, but with the new addition, they seemed like a whole new recipe!

Photo Above shows the Stir Together Banana Muffin with and without a Healthy Crunch Topping.

Tip: Add a healthy crunch topping to quick bakes, 20 minute or less cooking time. As the nuts and seed will burn if baked for longer.

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