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Lemon Curd Philadelphia Pancake Topping 

My daughter has moved out and is at uni and when she returns home I like to spoil her. Her schedule is gruelling, her course definitely bursts the bubble of students having an easy life!

I made some really easy American style pancakes and wanted a little something different to top the pancakes off. I mixed together equal quantities of Philadelphia cream cheese and good quality, ready-made lemon curd.

Other ideas

You could make the Lemon Curd Philadelphia with double cream, yogurt, mascarpone or any non-dairy alternative for lactose intolerants.

Serve instead of cream with cakes or cakes

Fill a meringue basket or sweet pastry case

A decadent brioche sandwich filling for the lemon curd lover


Lemon Curd Philadelphia Pancake Topping
Preparation time
Cooking time
Total time
A really easy to mix together pancake, scone topping or icing for cupcakes
Recipe type: Sauces & Dressings
Cuisine: British
  • Equal proportions of good quality lemon curd and Philadephia Cream Cheese
  1. Mix together and serve over pancakes, top a scone, sandwich a victoria sponge cake or ice cupcakes.
The Lemon Curd Philadelphia Pancake Topping

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